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Printed Photos Are Still Alive. Here’s Why You Should Use it in your Marketing Strategy.

Not long ago, photography was exciting, expensive, and reserved for special occasions only. The mere act of sitting for a photo was an event, a family affair, a showcase for your Sunday Best.

In our increasingly hurried and digital world, access to photography and images has exploded, yet physical photos have never lost their charm. They adorn the grandparents’ walls, fill the photo albums of mum and dad, and now the younger generations have revived the use of printed photos.

Despite their access to camera phones and social media, young people still feel attached to physical pictures as a moment in time you can hold.

Thus, a photo reward campaign can be an excellent strategy for disrupting the market and uniquely appealing to people’s emotions.

Printed Photos Appeal to All Ages Groups

1.7 trillion pictures are taken around the world every year on smartphones and other devices, and while you might think that print is on the decline, studies show quite the opposite trends.

According to the report published by Rise Above Research, physical photos are still popular among all generations, with 71% of respondents claiming that they print pictures to some extent.

What’s more astonishing is that young adults in their late twenties and early thirties are among the most active age groups for photo printing, followed by a high proportion of teenagers.

So, it’s safe to say that print media is indeed experiencing a revival, as humans not only want to capture digital shots but also have something tangible to hold onto or display for years to come.

And whenever you’re designing your next loyalty program or engagement campaign, think about photo rewards.

Printed photos can be a powerful marketing tool to engage audiences on an emotional level, potentially leading to a 306% higher lifetime value and a 30.2% increase in business referrals.

Isn’t that music to your ears?

Printed Photos as a Reward Have the Power to Disrupt and Surprise

One study found that 61% of buyers believe that the most effective approach for a company to communicate with them is a surprise with exclusive offers or gifts for being a customer.

But let’s be honest, it’s difficult to surprise consumers in today’s world, as they’re swamped with numerous ads that they don’t react to anymore.

The good news is that people, especially the millennials, increasingly enjoy receiving physical mail more than before. According to a survey by the USPS, 75% look forward to checking what they’ve received.

For this reason, printed marketing in the digital age can be a highly effective medium to engage audiences. Indeed, physical and personalised photos can deliver a ‘wow’ factor and invoke positive associations with the brand for months to come.

Today’s customers crave unique experiences, so brands that manage to create one will be rewarded with loyalty. In addition, companies that offer something special and highly valued to their customers grow 40% faster.

Printed Photos Harness Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a highly potent force, one that has the ability to bring us back to the past and long to relive it.

No one is immune, especially when looking at physical photographs of cherished memories. The intergenerational attachment to printed photos makes them the perfect emotional gift to leverage optimistic feelings, increase engagement and promote customer loyalty.

Print Away

In a world of ad fatigue and a dizzying amount of choice, you can use Stampix Photo Rewards to inject excitement into the lives of your loyal customers or simply get your name into the hands of new ones.

We believe printed photos work so well as loyalty rewards due to their high perceived value vs. actual cost, proven ability to elicit positive emotions, and tangible nature.

After all, emotion is the highest driver of customer loyalty; thus, printed photos can help you foster positive associations and uniquely engage your audience.

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