Stampix wins at The 2020 Loyalty Magazine Awards

Stampix & Orange Belgium won the Award for "Best Short Term Loyalty Initiative" at The Loyalty Magazine Awards, June 2020.

As a fixed partner in the Orange Thank You program for almost three years, Stampix delights thousands of Orange customers on a daily basis with personal photos – printed & shipped right to their doorstep.
Research with over 4.000 consumers showed that the average lifespan of these branded photos exceeds 2 years, and that the perceived value of photo rewards is 5x the actual cost. This identified an opportunity to reach a broad audience during their 2019 Christmas campaign. By expanding the offering beyond birthdays a significant uplift in Engagement, NPS and Customer Satisfaction was achieved, with over 73% giving a positive feedback to Orange. 

Some of the key arguments made by the judges for granting Stampix the Award for Best Short Term Loyalty Initiative are:

  • Most consumers have thousands of photos stuck on their smartphones but don’t print them, so solving this problem for its customers in the Holiday season is an original loyalty approach.
  • The program created significant uplift in customer engagement during the busy holiday period with +30 NPS loyalty point.
  • With 63% usage for in-home decoration and 1/3rd shared with friends or family, photo rewards are a powerful tool for brand building.

Matt Oldham explains

Matt Oldham is Loyalty subject matter expert and Loyalty Magazine Awards judging panel member with over 20 years of experience. Check out his Linkedin profile for more information.

The COVID-19 measures prevented The Loyalty Magazine Awards to take place in London, but instead were hosted in a virtual environment. 

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