How martini leveraged influencer
content to engage customers during lockdown



Brand awareness &
Emotional support

The Covid-19 pandemic was an unprecedented time, where many brands had to reinvent themselves to remain relevant and, most important, show support for customers during these hard times.


Known by Millennials as a brand that connects people, Martini had to find a new way to engage customers around their products, while demonstrating empathy to those who are separated from friends & parties for a long time.

The goal

Martini wanted to bring joyful cocktail memories to life in a original way,
bringing people together despite social distancing



Free Printed pictures
in colab with influencers

Being all about the power and importance of friendship, Martini partnered up with Stampix to offer customers free printed pictures of their personal home appetiser moments. The gesture was intended to bring back good memories of family & friends during times when physically togetherness was limited.


Leveraging their influencer collaborations, Martini selected 10 influencers to activate their fans through a series of posts and a link to the campaign.

Branded Platform

By clicking on the link, customers were redirected to the Martini branded microsite (hosted by Stampix) to upload their photos, enter shipment details and opt-in for future comms. At the end of the journey, customers were redirected to the Martini website to learn more about products & recipes.

Emotional Connection

A few days later, photos were delivered to the mailbox with a personalised message from Martini on the reverse and a discount for a Martini Fiero purchase at their local store.

The results

Martini Moments Printed
0 K
Discount Coupons Delivered



By offering Stampix Photo Rewards, Martini was able to connect with their target audience on an emotional level, create long term brand affinity and extend the impact of their online efforts beyond the lifespan of a digital campaign.

High engagement rate

By offering the opportunity to print their best memories for free, customers are more likely to engage with brand communication.

No data transfer

Stampix acts as a data processor, and does not become the owner of the data.

Easily customized features

The platform and messages on the reverse of the pictures can be easily customised to fit different moments & products during the year.


Rewarding 100 or 1mio customers has no impact on our operations & service level.

Package X-Ray


Photo Tagging Analysis

Target audience verification
via photo tags

Stampix’ computer vision software allows for accurate photo tagging of photos uploaded by users. It can be used to verify the target reached within a campaign or to gather insights on customer’s lifestyles.

By running the photo tagging analysis on the Martini campaign it was possible to verify the accuracy of the audience targeted. The most prominent tags found on the uploaded pictures show that the people indeed printed photos of family & friends having a fun time together.

Top tags scanned:

People 81%
Woman 65%
Fun 52%
Family 48%
Love 43%
Togetherness 31%

How to read it: % shown represents the % of photos from the analysis that contained the mentioned tag

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