Foot traffic is an essential KPI when you are running a brick-and-mortar store. More traffic means more customer engagement and more opportunities for your sales teams to grow, which in turn leads to more penetration of your brand and more revenue.


As retailers enter 2019, they realize that when customers are in the outlet, it needs to be about more than just the transaction.
Retailers need to offer something you can’t get online. They need to offer an experience people can see, hear, taste or feel in a live environment. Most retailers have realized this by now, and have – beside ensuring an omnichannel presence – implemented kids corners, workshops & events, training programs etc. All with one clear goal in mind: to make a lasting memory that will eventually result in the customer returning to the store.
As the brilliant speaker Matthew Banks said at #KBCInspirationDay this week:

“Your customers don’t remember what you say, they only remember how you make them feel


Most humans try to be efficient by nature, if you manage to get them in your store it’s likely they’ll grasp that moment and find an opportunity to buy something they need. Hence the importance of keeping high levels of foot traffic.
Today many retailers are struggling with following question: “How can I increase store traffic in a predictable way and at a predictable cost per visitor?”
Here below I’ll share 3 tried-and-tested steps that allows our tech startup Stampix to drive traffic and increase revenue for our customers:


1/ Offer a personalized gift

Brands & Retailers use Stampix to offer consumers a free foto gift that hits them right in the heart. Customers can zip though a digital experience that allows them to print their best photos straight from their mobile and select a store near them for pick up. This can be any creative photo product, going from classic photo prints, to a small photo booklet or a box with prints. Subtle branding, massive personalization. They love it, share it and can order in just a few clicks.
Ideally this is offered as loyalty benefit linked to your existing customer journey (e.g. birthday emailing). By sharing this on social media through your brand ambassadors you can additionally attract new potential buyers.
Tip: virtually all photos are on our phones, so focus on a mobile first experience


2/ Keep customers happy

At Stampix we believe driving people into your store is a very powerful form of advertising. It is hard to match with a digital or analog media campaign. We observed when people are picking up their photo’s they are in reciprocity mindset when browsing your store.
Tip: make sure your staff is well-informed so they can get the conversation started. You can have the prettiest shop, implement the hottest gimmicks, and run the most enticing offers, but if your staff members provide poor customer service, people simply won’t buy or return.


3/ Earn consent and stay in touch

Giving something first simply works, and there is plenty of data to prove it: for one of our customers we shipped 60.000 nicely branded photoboxes containing a gift voucher for free photos. Only when ordering the photos, people were asked to opt-in for the newsletter. The result? Incredible opt-in rates of up to 70% were achieved! 😳
For our customer MediaMarkt we’ve realized almost 10.000 store visits over the last couple of months and the plan is to grow this number to 70.000 in 2019. Our photos drive people into the store and afterwards when they walk outside, they feel good about picking up their personalized direct mail piece with beautiful photos.
Get in touch with Stampix and share your plans to drive traffic in 2019!

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