For engagement campaigns.

As a marketer, you want to maximise the lifespan and impact of your amazing digital campaigns, right? What if your digital assets could be part of customers’ lives for the next 2 years and help you create meaningful connections with them?

Extend your Digital Campaigns into the Real World and achieve 85% Opt-in from consumers.

Turn customers into brand advocates

Emotional Connection

Research says that emotionally invested consumers spend 2.5x more money with your brand.

High Engagement Rate

Tap into the thousands of personal photos to achieve up to 70% engagement rates.

1st Party Data

With opt-in rates of 85%, your brand can grow its CRM & collect valuable customer insights.

What exactly is a Photo Reward?

Photo rewards are a new way for brands to engage with new or existing customers. They receive their favourite photos, printed and delivered as a gift from your brand. In return, your brand collects genuine opt-ins for future comms and becomes part of their living spaces, as a tangible conversation starter.

Stampix takes care of every step – from setting up a branded web application to uploading consumer photos, to data capture and the actual delivery of thousands of photo packages. All you need to do is provide us with the artwork, we do the rest.No extra workload for your team!

Tailored to your brand's needs

Our white-label solution has marketing modules designed to meet your specific goals.

Share Module

By activating the Share Module, people who order prints can invite friends & family to participate. This results in positive word of mouth and organic reach for your campaign, reducing the need for paid media.

Extra Data Capture

Benefit from the attention when customers are uploading their photos and ask preferences about your brand.

Photo Tagging

Stampix’ computer vision software allows for accurate photo tagging of photos uploaded by users. This allows us to verify the target audience and gather insights into the customer’s sociodemographic, lifestyle, etc.

Geo Location

Stampix platform can automatically match your customers’ addresses to the nearest point of interest listed by your brand (retailer, partner, POS, etc) to stimulate foot traffic.