Loyalty for FMCG:
Myth or Must-Have?

Byron Sharp (Author How Brands Grow)
Steve Gray (Director at SG-Retail)
Rich Long (Global Manager at PepsiCo)
Jason Withing (Former director at LEGO)

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Why listen to this Webinar?

Unlock the truth behind loyalty programs for FMCG/CPG brands during this exclusive webinar featuring professor Byron Sharp, renowned author of “How Brands Grow,” and three seasoned loyalty experts. With +500 registrations, this was a very interactive debate that delves into some of the controversial claims about loyalty programs, such as their limited impact on brand growth and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re a marketer, business owner, or loyalty enthusiast, this insightful discussion will challenge conventional wisdom and reveal surprising facts.

Watch the recording to discover why loyalty programs might not be the panacea they’re often portrayed to be, and which capabilities beyond increasing spend they can bring to the table.


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